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Day 2: Via Francigena

Greetings dear friends, from San Miniato, Tuscany: as promised, I want to share some of the recent meals I’ve been having on this camino, as I have been seeking out some delicious ones particularly at lunch. Day two of my walking was hot and by lunchtime, I was seriously hungry. First, I paused to elevate my legs in a beautiful park and daydream as I looked up at the trees. Then I mosied on over to a place that had some lunch specials that looked really good.

In Galleno, I ate lunch at a restaurant owned. by a Neapolitan family. For lunch I have spaghetti Capri, and a glass of wine from the region called mMonte Carlo which is a red wine. It’s rich and full bodied, and has a little bit of sweetness on the finish. And then they brought out some fresh bread that was baked this morning that was still warm from the oven. And I finished with a coffee (shot of espresso). I felt refortified, and walked for another 6-7 km.

spaghetti capri, Galleno

The spaghetti was arranged really beautifully aesthetically and had  room temperature sliced mozzarella like a fresh mozzarella log on the top. They were arranged in this beautiful swirl with red sauce and fresh tomatoes and little pieces of basil. And then I drizzled a little oil on the top and had a little bit of Parmesan cheese and it was flavorful and delicious. Nine Euros is a pretty good price. Delicious and love this tradition of sitting down for a lunch lunch. I can easily get really really used to it. 

Today I arrived in another town, called San Miniato, deep in the Tuscan Hills. it is getting much hotter! Climbing the final hill it was quite a challenge. As soon as I arrived, I quickly realized it was a place known for its truffles. So I decided to brave a dish with truffles and ordered fettucine à la carbonara with thin slices of black truffles served over the top.

A glass of VERMENTINO and a bottle of water at today’s restaurant

At the ‘piccola osteria del tartufo,’ I had a glass of Vermentino (a white wine from 5 km down the road). This is a sort of messy liquidity, egg yolk mixture over the noodles, and then the Tartufo on the top with freshly chopped guanciale (a pork does delicacy, a little bit like fatback for the southerners among you), mixed into the pasta. The Vermentino is on the drier side, and the pasta was really good, almost soup-like, and really fresh and kind of the perfect amount for my stomach as well. I ended the meal with a caffe’ and a small biscotto.


PANE SCHIACCHIATO (bread with olive oil)

so this is my new rhythm, which has started to feel like the new normal colon I get up around five. I am walking by 630 or seven. I stop walking between 12 and one, I eat a long lunch, head to the hostel, check in and take a shower, and then take a long nap. Then I venture into the town to see what adventures await.

More, anon! Be well.

spicy oil served with my pizza, two nights ago in PONTE CAPPIANO

Pizza with zucchini, artichoke, fior di latte and guanciale

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Linnea Hendrickson
Linnea Hendrickson
08 juin

This sounds exquisite!

kristina jacobsen
kristina jacobsen
09 juin
En réponse à

yes-it was! thanks for reading and offering your thoughts!


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